Rocksalt clients

What Do We Do?

We're a small and dynamic performance development consultancy.

We can also be described as a training or a coaching company.

However it's performance development that best depicts what we're about: your performance and its continued development.

RockSALT is in its 17th year.

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How Do We Do It?

Our approach:

Impact without arrogance. Assertiveness without aggression. Conviction without threat.

We won't lecture you or just tell you what to do. Our approach is much more inclusive; it's all about you, how you're currently performing and how you could further develop through small, behavioural fine-tuning.

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Who Do We Work For?

“You can tell the quality of people by the company that they keep” said George Washington.

We rather like this quote - and we're delighted to have worked with some world-renowned clients over the last 17 years.

RockSALT haven't just worked with one or two great companies; we've worked with many fantastic, 'top drawer' clients, most of whom have requested repeat business with us.

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