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Presentation Impact - present like you mean it:

Great presenters speak with:

  1. Confidence (not conceit)
  2. Charm (not creepy)
  3. Appropriate detail (not overload)
  4. Conviction (not table-thumping)
  5. Make it sound as though they're presenting just to you

How do they do it?!

    Presentation Impact - present like you mean it:
  • What's your current level of influence or impact?
  • What will they, the audience, gain by listening to you?
  • How convincing are you? How engaging are you?
  • What is your body language telling your audience?
  • Have they got a clue what you're talking about?
  • Nerves? What nerves?
  • Question and answer session - who is in control?
  • What's it like to listen to you?

And our clients say...

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