Improve your presentation and communication skills.  Speak with more confidence and conviction.  Project your ‘best self’. 

Why RockSALT?

Your verbal delivery is inextricably linked to your performance at work.  

Do you struggle with presenting… or perhaps you’ve been giving presentations for years but wonder how robotic or uninspired you sound?

Maybe you’re managing others but still wonder how best to fulfil your role? 

My passion is to bring out the best in you by enhancing the quality of your spoken word and improving your communication and presentation skills. 

Hugh Vivian

Client feedback

Hugh has had a lasting, positive impact on my professional performance.

The ultimate professional, Hugh combines a warm and empathetic approach with a depth of experience in all areas of training/coaching: encouraging and challenging in perfect measure. 

He has the gift of enabling people to be instantly at ease and to talk freely. 

Working with Hugh was a pivotal moment in my career and I use the strategies and insights he taught me on a daily basis.

Alice, Learning & Development Director

I cannot recommend Hugh more highly. A most professional training solution is delivered through Hugh’s highly attuned and personal engagement, and always with complete discretion.

Combining an intuitive ability and understanding to observe, analyse and dissect a client’s individual communication skills, he helps enhance them to the highest levels. In the process, he builds confidence at every turn. I have benefitted enormously.

Major-General (Retd) James Illingworth OBE

What are you saying?
How are you saying it?!

What are you saying? 


  • How often are you using passive speech: starting with an apology; being too self-deprecating?  
  • Are you taking paragraphs to explain your point – instead of a pithy sentence or two?  
  • Unwittingly, might you be using overly directive (aggressive) words?
  • Are you using techno-babble vocabulary – that they don’t understand? 


How are you saying it?


  • How much energy and enthusiasm do you speak with? 
  • Are you easy to listen to… or do you sound half asleep or bored when you speak?  
  • How clearly are you enunciating your words?  Can they hear what the heck you’re saying?  
  • Is your delivery style painfully soporific; can you see them dozing off?!  


People who speak with confidence, conviction and clarity have mastered all of the above obstacles… and so can you.   

A bespoke plan just for you

I’ll provide you with a detailed, professional observation of your current verbal delivery; exactly what you’re saying and how you’re saying it.

We’ll analyse your strengths and the areas that need tweaking.

The result of us working together? 

I can guarantee that you will deliver your message with more clarity, confidence and conviction.

What it means

It’s all about you – your challenges, aspirations and sticking points. 

We’ll work together on implementing behavioural changes… despite your inner voice screaming,
‘Why these changes?!’

The delivery of your spoken word is inextricably linked to your work performance. 

For over 20 years, that has been my focus with the 1000s of clients that I’ve worked with. 

Influential professionals are always working to enhance, tweak and improve their verbal delivery.

After we’ve worked together, you’ll have more influence and greater impact; your work performance will be enhanced.  

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