About Me

From the army to Barclays Capital, to 25 years of experience in training and coaching.

Hello, I’m Hugh. I specialise in performance development and have been working in this field for many years. 

I have an ongoing passion to bring out the best in people by examining their spoken word; how much more impact and influence could you have? 

I’ve worked at all levels – from chief execs to interns, 1-to-1 or in groups on:  
presentation impact; management & leadership; client-facing work; team meetings and day-to-day interaction.  

RockSALT's history

I set up RockSALT over 21 years ago with the intention of creating a dedicated, dynamic performance development company. My focus is on:

a. Improved quality of your verbal delivery

b. Increased clarity of your messages

c. Greater conviction and inspiration with which you speak

Why I chose this path

For many years – and certainly during my time in the army, I was always fascinated by how some people, regardless of their seniority, were able to influence others – whilst others struggled. 

On leaving the army, I completed a masters degree, spent a couple of years as a HR manager in Barclays Capital and then joined an international training consultancy, which specialised in the delivery of effective verbal communication.

In my mid 30s, I decided to move away from the ‘employee of…’ and threw myself into starting my own company, RockSALT Ltd. Time gallops on and suddenly that was over 21 years ago!

My approach

My approach is to listen hard to your learning and developments needs – what you want to achieve.
Through video feedback and challenging, dynamic interaction – 

I observe, analyse and provide feedback to you on the quality of your spoken word. You’ll now be far more aware of your current level of performance.

Your action plan: Then we look at how, by making behavioural tweaks, you can implement the changes needed to ensure the ongoing improvement of your verbal delivery.