About RockSALT

Why RockSALT?  Rock solid performance development.  SALT adds flavour… and preserves.

Hello, I’m Hugh Vivian and I started RockSALT over 20 years ago.  I’ve worked with 1000s of professionals in a variety of industry sectors.

Working with me, I can guarantee:

  • 100% commitment to the development of your performance.
    The result?  You perform better at work; you are more motivated and fulfilled.
  • 20 years of programme design and delivery – “That’s a lot of experience.” – said a client.
  •  I will be thoroughly professional, non-judgemental and I will really listen to you and your situation. 100% confidential.
  • The evidence = excellent client feedback.  Every week, every month – over many, many years.

I work with specialist colleagues for the following programmes: