Areas of Expertise

Which coaching sessions will best suit you?

  1. What work challenges are you and/or your colleagues facing – particularly during this pandemic?
  2. We’ll discuss, I’ll recommend.  It’ll be 100% tailored-made…  not ‘off the shelf’.
  3. If your situation changes, the coaching will change; it’s always tailored to your needs.

Over the years, I’ve successfully delivered coaching and training on many important, relevant topics including:

What do you need to do – to influence other people in a more positive and professional manner?

  • How often do people interrupt you?
  • How well (if ever?) do you say “no”?
  • Do they speak over you?
  • After the interaction, how often do you say “I wish I’d said…”?

What do you need to do to influence others better?

  • What’s the necessary mindset for you to adopt?
  • What parts of your delivery style are you keen to adapt?
  • How can you still deliver your message in a professional and charming manner?

Currently, when you’re presenting, updating or briefing others:  

  • What’s your current level of influence or impact?
  • What will they, the audience, gain from listening to you?
  • What verbal / non-verbal signals are you sending out?
  • How convincing, how memorable are you?

Great presenters are a joy to listen to.

                         You can present like that too.  You can speak with:

  • Confidence (not conceit)
  • Conviction (no more character void reading out the script / slides)
  • Appropriate detail (not overload)
  • Include your personality too (no more robots)
  • How can you effectively manage your employees – particularly remotely?
  • Are you managing… or leading?
  • How motivated are your staff?  How reliable are they?
  • In your management / leadership role, are you adding value to your company?
  • Are you sure that you’re getting the best out of your employees?

If done properly… motivating, directing, guiding, admonishing your staff is a very fulfilling job – and it’ll still be demanding.

Are you performing at your best in your management role?  Are you:

  • Communicating clearly: encouraging; inspiring; winning loyalty?
  • Giving feedback that motivates?
  • Delegating with confidence?
  • Managing tricky staff members properly; as best as you possibly can?

Managing your motivation and mental health is always challenging and stressy; not helped at all by Covid-19.

    • How can you perform at your best when you’re feeling really stressed and uncomfortable?
    • What communication style do you have… and could you be more courageous?
    • When was the last time you talked to someone about the pressures you’re under?
    • How well do you manage the situation when others become hot-headed?

Your mental health and its management is an exceptionally important part of your world.

How are you managing all this change?  How motivated are you?  What’s your plan?

How emotionally strong are you?  How do you react when ‘sparks fly’?

How are you currently performing at work – and when was the last time you receive feedback?