For Businesses

You are a senior professional responsible for the performance development of your employees - or a professional working in a company

You want a practical, common-sense approach to performance development, giving you a greater return on investment – with affordable day rates.

RockSALT has over 20 years of specialist knowledge, programme design and delivery experience, which has benefitted many world-class organisations.

A range of specialities

I specialise in the following areas:

  • Presentation Impact
  • Management & Leadership
  • Influencing skills
  • Networking
  • Client-facing Communication Impact

Remote workshops for total freedom

In the wake of Covid, more and more clients have requested 1-to-1, online sessions. This format will continue because many clients have fed back that they really valued this approach – and many have said,

‘It’s a better use of my time.’  

There are real benefits to this way of working:

  • Better work/life balance
  • No travel hassles
  • Book via calendar app; easy to reschedule
  • Work with employee anytime
  • No fuss booking a meeting room

RockSALT's all day workshop

Pre-Covid, all of my delivery was face-to-face.  Please say if you’d prefer this approach.  

1-to-1 training/coaching or group work?  With groups, this event would be split into:

Engaging, fast-moving group work
Practical, relevant exercises
Lots of video recording
Challenging, dynamic environment

1-to-1 coaching with each delegate
Video feedback
Create realistic, applicable, work-oriented action plan

Sonya talks about RockSALT training's day-to-day relevance, its value and Hugh’s expertise...

Improving Employee Business Performance

RockSALT prides itself on the work it does within businesses, to help managers and employees with their confidence, influence and presentation skills. 

Managers and employees now have a greater impact, both within their workplace and with their customers, managing their verbal delivery more professionally, resulting in more positive outcomes in many aspects of business.

Read about the investment management firm whose employees have polished their presentation skills by working with RockSALT.

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