Case study

Management & Leadership

Q. Who did you work with? 

A fast-growing, luxury retail company. 

Q. Why was RockSALT approached to help? 

In order to keep up with its impressive growth, the company was recruiting lots of new employees, departments were being formed and managers were required urgently in order to manage this larger and more diverse organisation. They needed to make sure the best managers were identified and equipped with the skills required to best manage the expanding workforce. 

Q. What did RockSALT do? 

We produced a series of Management & Leadership training programmes in order to better train and inspire their existing workforce and new recruits. 

Traditionally, it’s the person who’s performing best who gets promoted to manager. In other words, the best salesperson often becomes the sales manager. That seems logical, except the skills required to sell are certainly not the same skills required to manage people effectively! 

Q. What did the training programmes do? 

They enabled the company’s employees to: 

  • Gain a better understanding of how to manage others more professionally
  • Increase their foundation knowledge of managing and leading others
  • Learn how to best fulfil the challenging role of being a manager


They also provided an excellent opportunity for these managers to: 

  • Build up a really firm foundation of management and leadership skills
  • Continue to implement these skills as they become more established in their management roles
  • Work with and learn from each other 

Q. What have you done since with the company

I’ve continued to work with this company over the years, seeing it grow from strength to strength. 
As people moved into the more senior positions, I have worked with them on more advanced management skills. I have also, of course, delivered programmes to each new intake of new managers too.