Case study


Q. Who did you work with? 

A leading law firm.

Q. Why was RockSALT approached to help? 

This firm delivered a huge number of client presentations and, overall, they thought that they were doing a pretty good job.

However, they were concerned about the commercial impact that these presentations were having on their clients and wondered how they could ‘up their game’ by delivering their presentations in a more dynamic, memorable and client-facing manner

Q. What did RockSALT do? 

We ran bespoke presentation impact programmes for employees who were already presenters, each with their own level of experience and ability.

RockSALT’s job was to help these presenters to tweak and enhance the content and delivery of their presentations, so ensuring that the quality went from good/fit for purpose to excellent/memorable/outstanding.

Q. How did your clients benefit?

“I’ve been giving presentations for many years and was a bit sceptical that RockSALT could help me.

“That said, I was very pleasantly surprised working with Hugh – because he helped me understand how I could really improve my impact and when delivering presentations in the future.”

“I wish I had worked with Hugh many years ago! He was very easy to work with and gave so much relevant and applicable advice in a very short time.”