Client Testimonials

Numerous professionals in many companies have been really positive about working with me – see feedback below.

What professional advantage will you gain from working with RockSALT?  Let’s talk, then you can decide.

Client feedback during lockdown:

  • I liked that I was involved in the content and that we addressed areas that I find particularly tough. I found this much better than attending a group session.
  • Very much liked that it was tailored to my concerns and pushed me out of my comfort zone slightly.  Hugh was very patient and helpful.
  • Role play scenarios were catered towards real management examples. Hugh allowed me to focus on topics that were most relevant to my day-to-day client role.
  • Very open session. Hugh was very approachable and gave me realistic and achievable advice.
  • Didn’t think there was any loss by doing this virtually, as opposed to in person. Liked the one-on-one format – more focused. Good to be able to set our own appointments rather than being given a specific session.
  • Although sometimes difficult, it was helpful to watch myself on video. It takes me out of my comfort zone and see myself from their perspective. This in turn showed me my bad habits, verbal ticks and facial expressions which I didn’t think I had, therefore allowing me to work on and improve upon.