Clients who have benefitted*

* Their words, not mine.

George Washington said:
“You can tell the quality of people by the company that they keep.”

I really like this quote – and I’m delighted to have worked with loads of world-class clients over the last 19 years, most of whom have requested repeat business.

Many great brands have really benefitted from working with RockSALT (see below).  How is it that I’ve worked with so many superb brands?

What benefit will you get from working with RockSALT?  Let’s talk, then you can decide.

Client feedback during lockdown:

a. “The content was excellent.  Hugh ensured the sessions were specifically tailored to my role.  I am really pleased to have addressed areas that concerned me about my voice and presentation skills, and to work on improving these.  I felt like huge progress was made in 2 sessions.”

b.   “Very professional and was not rushed.”

c.  “I consulted RockSALT  to get advice on effective communication with both students and patients.  I need to provide meaningful feedback, within a very short time slot, to students when debriefing them on their clinical skills.

In just a couple of sessions Hugh gave me invaluable insight into my own strengths and development points.  He showed how I could very easily use specific strategies to make feedback fair and worthwhile.”

d.   “It was really good to be recorded – and then to analyse what I said, how I said it etc.  It made me more aware of how I communicate as well as certain quirks that I wasn’t even aware of.”

f.  “Hugh provided good insight on the vocabulary to use when communicating with colleagues and clients, which I will certainly pay more attention to!”

g.  “Very applicable – all of what we covered can be applied to my role going forward.  Have already implemented some & others will follow once we are out of lockdown!”



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