For Individuals

As a high achieving professional, you are always keen to enhance your performance.

However your company might not provide the training and coaching that will help you achieve these goals. Also, the logistics of getting onto company-organised training can be challenging – or perhaps there’s no budget?

A programme designed for you

By working with RockSALT, you’ll be investing in a succinct and phased performance development programme, which I can guarantee will improve your performance in the workplace, whatever your role.  

  • Practical, relevant exercises
  • Lots of video feedback
  • Challenging, dynamic environment
  • Create realistic, applicable, work-oriented action plan

Overcoming challenges together

Identifying development needs is easy; implementing them is much trickier. 

I’ll work with you to overcome the obstacles that are hindering your performance development. 

  • Become more confident in your verbal delivery
  • Increase your presence and impact
  • Improve the ‘old you’ with a greater sense of clarity and conviction

Flexible booking on your terms

Booking directly via the website allows you to easily book your training programme. 

Sessions usually take place on Zoom but please say if you’d prefer face-to-face.

This will ensure that you get started without needing to wait ages for your employer to fund the sessions.

  • Better work/life balance
  • No travel hassles
  • Book via calendar app; easy to reschedule
  • Work with you anytime of day/evening
  • No fuss booking a meeting room

Simon on RockSALT's practical steps to better
career transition

Improving individual business performance

At RockSALT we love to help individuals who come to us with specific presentation, confidence or work-related issues – and provide them with the skills necessary not only to resolve, but to improve their situation too.  

As individuals, we all want to enhance not just our performance at work, but our day-to-day influence on others too.  RockSALT is able to provide the skills, tools and ability to do just that.

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