Case study


Q. Who did you work with? 

Individuals and groups in different industry sectors.

Q. Why was RockSALT approached to help?

Regularly, I have been asked to help new managers who have been internally promoted.

They were struggling with:

  • Managing colleagues who, last week, they were at the same level of seniority
  • As the manager, having to tell friends what to do
  • How to give feedback to people that they’ve worked with for years
  • How to manage an ex peer when things got tricky

Q. What did RockSALT do?

I created an assertiveness training programme, (for individuals or for groups) which provided these new managers with how best to manage this challenging area.

Q. What did the training programmes do?

They enabled these managers to: 

  • Gain a better understanding of the subtle and important responsibilities of a manager
  • Learn how to manage old friends and peers in an appropriate, professional and encouraging manner
  • Ensure that they were not managing in a bossy, arrogant – and inappropriate style

Q. How did your clients benefit?

“I had no confidence in how to manage my colleagues, so it was really helpful to work with Hugh.
He gave me the courage and conviction that, as a manager, it was okay to give direction to and manage my old colleagues, as long as I did it in a respectful and managerial way!’ Emma D.