For Students

You've worked hard in your academic studies and now you're starting in the tough world of work - or looking for your dream job.

Whether you’re a graduate or young professional wanting to speak with more influence and impactor a parent looking to improve your child’s performance – I am here to help!

Gain crucial high-impact delivery skills

You may want to improve the conviction and clarity of your spoken word, make a better first impression, speak with more confidence to a group and/or influence others better… the good news is that after working with me, I guarantee that you will. 

Preparing for an important interview

If we work together pre-interview, after just a few 60-minute sessions with RockSALT, you’ll feel much better prepared and much more convinced that you can perform well in that important interview.

Sessions usually take place on Zoom but please contact me if you’d prefer face-to-face.

  • Practical, relevant exercises
  • Lots of video feedback
  • Challenging, dynamic environment
  • Create realistic, applicable action plan

Flexible remote sessions

  • Better work/life balance
  • No travel hassles
  • Book via calendar app; easy to reschedule
  • Work with you anytime of day/evening
  • No fuss booking a meeting room

Often, you don’t get you much notice before they want to interview you or before you have to give that presentation…  

Booking directly via my website allows you to fit in a couple of Zoom sessions before you ‘go live’.

Emily explaining how RockSALT helped prepare her for the perfect job

Preparing for student interviews

On completion of your school, college or university days, being successful in interviews is a vital part of the transition into the world of work. 

However, sitting face-to-face with the interviewer can be a worrying prospect.  RockSALT will equip you with the skills, not just to ace your interview, but to enjoy it too!

Read about the individuals who have massively improved their interview confidence and conviction, by working with RockSALT.

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