Case study


Q. Who did you work with? 

Over the years, I have worked with many young people – including young professionals in their first role, graduates, army selection candidates (AOSB) and 6th form leavers.

Q. What did RockSALT do? 

We know that presenting can create a real challenge to some individuals, including pre-presentation nerves, anxiety and sleepless nights before the next presentation, as well as lack of confidence leading to reduced clarity of message during the presentation itself. 

We ran bespoke presentation impact programmes, arming for each employee with the requisite skills to feel more confident about their presentation, in order to present better than they ever thought would be possible.

We make sure that participants feel much more confident in how to present their best self through a series of practical, relevant and achievable pieces of advice from Hugh. 

Q. What was your approach?

When working with students, one of my main aims is to ensure that they become much more aware of how they will come across at their interview: exactly what they are saying and how they are saying it.

Q. How did your clients benefit?

Armed with this increased level of self-awareness, when they ‘go live’, my clients were more able and much more confident to deliver their spoken word in a more eloquent and convincing manner.

After working with me, students talk about the huge change in their approach:
From a nervous, muddled mindset to a far more measured, clearer-thinking one, which helped them to feel far better prepared for and confident about their forthcoming interview.