Working Together

  • Groups – lots of interaction, challenging and fulfilling learning environment and
  • Individuals – tailored and focused on you, ensuring development of your performance.

Lots of flexibility – to suit your training needs.


When we work together:

  1. Your behaviour, your communication style, your habits are observed by me.
  2. You’ll receive feedback (sometimes with video) and we analyse what you’ve said and how you’ve said it.
  3. You commit to a water-tight action plan which you take back to your work place.
  4. You implement your action plan, which is the tough part.


Knowledge is easy to pick up; implementing that knowledge is much harder.

You will be coached by me through this challenging behaviour-change.


Every time you speak to someone else, you have an influence on them – and they have an influence on you too.

This influence may not be huge, but it always happens.

It’s vital to bear in mind that what you say and how you say it is inextricably linked to how effectively you are communicating.

This, in turn, directly relates to your work performance.

I will enhance your performance at work by improving your spoken communication.